Is Caffeine OK on The Paleo Diet?

I would be quite the hypocrite if I counseled clients to never drink coffee, as I do love a good, black espresso with the perfect head of crema (that's crema from the pour, NOT as in 'cream!), before a workout!

Here are the caveats:

1) If you are following an Auto Immune Plan, it would be a definite NO.

2) If your idea of a 'coffee' is a white mocha with whippy topping or a blended milkshake, that would also be a NO!

3) If you're one to drink many cups per day, also- you'd likely benefit from decreasing consumption.  It is, after all, quite acidic, particularly if you're a chain-drinker!

OK- now for the good bit:

1) Caffeine is the only legal ergogenic aid in the US and has proven athletic benefits.

2) Coffee beans, when sourced from a reliable vendor, are also a good place to get some extra anti oxidants.

3) Current research is showing that coffee may help to prevent diabetes, reduce risk of Parkinson's disease and helps get rid of headaches.

Finally, if you're truly a devout Paleo plan follower, you're eating an extremely net alkaline diet, so having a coffee now and then is within the realm of the 'have occasionally' food options!

Here's our family's espresso machine of choice- the wonderful Rancilio Miss Sylvia (yes- it came with it's own name!)  Never fails to produce the perfect pour, whether you want a long shot or ristretto!  Ahhh….