Airline Dining- Making Steps Toward Real Food

Let’s face it.  When we think about airline cuisine, we don’t exactly conjure up images of fine dining.   However, I was happy to see that things may be a-changing.

I’ve got to say that the meals I’ve had over the past couple of years on American have actually been quite nice.  

For one thing, by simply calling ahead and asking for gluten-free, you can at least assure yourself you won’t get poisoned by that one culprit.   I’ve had meals such as filet mignon with veggies (yes, they still had polenta or rice, which was easy enough just to avoid),  a salad with simply grilled chicken breast and a veggie omelet.

I’ve also noticed American offering fresh fruit as an alternative to those horrible packets of pretzel and peanut mixes.

Air France seems to be paving the way with their announcement to partner  Joël Robuchon, the chef with the most Michelin guide stars in the world.

A few other airlines making progress, according to include:

  • Air Canada –  recognized as offering the healthiest in-flight meals of any North American airline. This might include grilled sea bass, roasted fingerling potatoes and grilled vegetables.
  • Cathay Pacific -flights offer Chinese (sauteed prawns with kung po sauce, for example) and western dishes (grilled beef) as well as Shui gaw (pork and shrimp dumplings) in soup.
  • Air New Zealand – Working with celebrity chefs and award-winning sommeliers, the airline might offer such modern, fashionable fare as New Zealand snapper on yuzu braised fennel with potatoes, green beans and red pepper, caper and macadamia salsa.
  • Qantas- The Australian carrier has a 15-year partnership with renowned Chef Neil Perry. His menu might include toasted focaccia with grilled eggplant, goat cheese, semi-dried tomatoes and pesto. Quantas also collaborates with Gourmet Traveller to produce an entire magazine dedicated to Australian wine and food.

What airlines have you flown on and what was your experience like?   What #PaleoistaApproved Meals have you had the opportunity to experience?

If we can call in and order vegan, gluten-free, Hindu or Kosher, just to name a few permutations honored by many airlines, could a Paleo friendly option be in the works?

Why not?