Holiday Paleo Baking?

What are your thoughts on paleo baking? Using almond meal and or coconut flour? I have been making a tart crust and filling it w/ egg, tons of veggies & chicken. There are a ton of cake / cookie recipes out there also. Thinking about the holidays.

Thanks, Stacy

used to love baking…before I was paleo.  In fact, I used to view baking as my form of artistic expression, often baking cakes, cookies, muffins, in all sorts of permutations from vegan, to gluten free to traditional.

BUT when I started following the Paleo diet, I really lost all desire to bake anything anymore.  Now, my cooking is my art!   

I personally don't do desserts very often but if I do prep a Paleo dessert here or there, it's usually more along the lines of a no-sugar-added homemade sorbet or a baked apple with cinnamon!    Images

That said, if you opted to bake something similar to what you mentioned above, using almond meal, coconut flour, eggs, all of which are paleo (as long as they have nothing added), I don't see any reason why not to include them on your Paleo Thanksgiving Table!

It's actually probably a good idea to do so, in order to show any nonPaleo guests that it's NOT all about eating sticks, leaves and raw meat, as some think!