Spring Fennel, Apple, Radish Citrus Salad

Spring is here!   What better way to take advantage of the abundance of produce than to create something that embodies the essence of spring:   a light, easy to prepare, crisp salad that’s ready in less than five minutes.

Being a fan of some heat, such as what you might enjoy when dining on a piece of Blackened Cajun Salmon, I like to balance of this type of dish with something that is naturally cooling to the palate, yet doesn’t compete with all the decadence of the lovely, oil fish and the fiery chili.

Enter fennel. And radish.  And why not throw in a little green apple, while you’re at it?

Light, crisp and lovely to look at, it’ll go perfectly with that meal you’re trying to whip up when you’ve got no time to spare!

Click here for the recipe!