Saying Goodbye… or maybe not!

Today marks the close of a chapter for me; my last day of personal training in Seattle.  My husband and I are moving home to California (LA) after three and a half years in the Pacific NW.  We'll both race at Ironman World Championships in Kona on 10 October, then head down to LA from Seattle mid-October.

 Without a doubt, the most difficult part for me is saying goodbye to clients who've become great friends!    

Ultimately, my role is that of a teacher, and if I've been able to impart knowledge about training, nutrition, racing, food shopping, cooking & so on, then I suppose the goal is met and that now is the time to welcome more clients and continue on my mission to keep helping people get healthy and fit, as well as my long-term quest to change the way America eats!

However, I realize it's  not actually goodbye.  I'm fortunate to be in the position where I will continue to have a chance to work with clients online, as well as in person, as many have regular business in LA, or travel there to see friends and family.

Before long, I'll have my studio up and running and clients will be able to Train With Nellie in a new venue!

To my clients here in Seattle, a heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these past three years so wonderful. You've made my business and I've enjoyed every session with each of you.  It's been a gift to have known you and I will indeed miss each of you…

See you in Los Angeles!