Promoting Paleo-Friendly Snacks

Just a quick reminder to make sure that, on the rare occasion that you do encounter a healthy, Paleo snack on the road, at restaurant, in the coffee shop or anywhere- make sure you compliment the chef, the barista or the server!

Imagine my surprised today when I stopped by the cafe @ Nordstrom for a green tea and saw that they were selling hard boiled eggs!   I had to buy them; sold in packages of two, if for no other reason to send a message that people will indeed be interested in patronizing! 

As important as it is to make our voices heard when we're offering critical feedback, we also have to make sure to promote the positivity- how nice to imagine a day when we could be confident enough that we'd surely find healthy options anywhere, any time, any place!

Keep it up, Cafe @ Nordstrom- well done!