Where is the Disconnect?

Why do some people ‘get it’ and others do not?

I’m actually not talking Paleo (at least not yet..:); but on a broader scope, I’m talking about overall health and fitness.

Today at Whole Foods, I had a chat with one of the cashiers who often helps me out when I’m done with my shop.  She’d had a baby several months ago and each time I see her, she’s looking more and more slim, nearly back to her pre baby weight, and I told her so.

She thanked me exuberantly and explained she’d been working really hard at it; not eating any junk, focusing on lots of fresh veg, and making sure to get in her exercise regularly.

Common sense, right?

So then, why are there so many out there who don’t see this?  Or don’t want to?  It takes work, period.  And planning, and commitment.

The woman I’m talking about is likely a good representative of many women out there; working a full time job, new baby at home, husband also working a full time job, making their way in the world and doing their best to bring up their new born baby in a good home.

In other words, she’s not a special case, or an exception.

She doesn’t seem to express any sort of frustration or impatience at the fact that it takes work to lose the extra weight and she’s determined to do what it takes to get her slim body back.

Where’s the disconnect with others who feel they shouldn’t have to work hard at it?  Where is the rationale that somehow, extra weight should come off in an expeditious manner, far faster than it took to accumulate?

Why do some have the commitment to do the work and others, not?

Why does it have to go to “I have a gland problem”, or “My doctor says I have an issue with my metabolism and need to take a medication to help me lose weight”?

Reaching out to you, readers, again for your commentary and feedback. 

I’d like to understand this; the more I learn from you, the more I can help!