Macadamia Chicken- Tropical, Light, Fresh & Easy

-Pat dry boneless, skinless chicken breast.  Season with freshly ground pepper, then coat with finely chopped macadamias.

-Cook in a cast iron skillet with a splash of canola oil for roughly 4' per side- and check to ensure internal temp is 160F, then set aside.

-Combine coconut milk with some freshly chopped lemon grass, and simmer for 15 minutes, then add a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

-Chop one small bunch of fresh watercress and scatter on top of chicken.

-Steam some fresh broccoli (or green veg of your choice) while you prepare an organic, wild greens salad.

-Plate as follows:  first, a bed of salad, with broccoli on top.  Then, place a chicken breast on top, with a a dollop of the lemon-grass infused coconut milk, and perhaps a twist of orange rind for a splash of color.

Add a glass of chilled Pellegrino with a lime wedge and enjoy a taste of the tropics!