Holiday Tip of the Day: Be The Healthy Person in the Office

Have you noticed everyone at work flocking into the break room to enjoy the Christmas Cookies that one colleague brought in to the office and making a beeline to another’s desk to relish their seemingly endless supply of holiday bon-bons?

Having these sugary treats everywhere you look may feel tempting enough to you, but add to the fact that far too many people don’t eat properly at work and set themselves up for blood sugar crashes and you’ve got a real recipe for disaster.

Why not be the one person to bring in something healthy?  Start now, during the holidays, and see if it doesn’t turn into a trend by the time January rolls around!

Something as simple as a brining in a bowl of fresh, crisp apples to place on your desk, some cut up veggies, stored in single serve zip-bags in the office fridge or, if you’re feeling like you’d like to take the time to prepare something, some homemade grass-fed jerky, are sure to be appreciated by many of your co-workers who’d genuinely like to have something healthier to choose from than sugar cookies and a piece of a gingerbread house.

You can make it festive simply by the manner in which you  present it; garnish a platter of fresh citrus with a sprinkling of cloves or arrange some rosemary sprigs around that tray of apples; both of which have a nice little bonus of creating a lovely, holiday scent in your office!