Fish…for Breakfast?

Why not?

Not a ‘must do’, but certainly fair game.

I had to laugh a little when I read one of my twitter followers tweet to me today which read, “any recipe ideas without poached cod breakfasts?”.   

Yes, I do, in fact, sometimes eat fish as my protein for my first meal of the day, but there are other times when I rely on the good old morning protein standbys like eggs or (uncured & pastured) bacon.

You needn’t approach paleo in any measure that feels ‘too extreme’ to you; doing so might actually prevent you from wanting to continue.

Sometimes, I find that clients prefer to take it in steps.  On this topic, breakfast, a more user-friendly approach, if you will, is to follow the recommendation above and eat foods that you’ve already been eating at any give time of day that just happen to be Paleo.   

Surely, you wouldn’t think it odd to order a veggie omelet with eggs, spinach, mushroom and tomato, with some  fresh fruit on the side.  Well, guess what?  That’s actually a Paleo breakfast.

Of course, eating the same thing ad nauseam isn’t the greatest approach, so do vary it a bit; maybe eggs one day and steak the next?

Play around and find your own creative concoctions and don’t worry about what the time of day happens to be.  As long as a meal has some protein, some fat and some carbohydrate (from veggies), you’re golden!