Today’s Healthy Holiday Tip


You did a great job of hosting a lovely (and healthy) Christmas meal, but what are you going to do with the leftovers, as well as the foods that guests brought that might not be so healthy?

-Reinvent the leftovers that fall into the former category.  Turkey soup (while perhaps a bit cliche, still a great option), turkey curry (chop meat up and add some curry powder, olive oil raisins & diced apples – served atop salad or veg) or turkey-veg saute are just a few things you might do to use up the bird!

-Give away any items that you don't want in the house- unopened, store-bought cakes & cookies can be easily given away.

-Half eaten casseroles, cheeses & dips can be tossed- DON'T think of your body (and those of your family for that matter) as trash receptacles- a place to dump unwanted foods.  DON'T tell yourself you'll just eat those foods for one more week and 'get healthy in the New Year'- do it now!

Even if you did overdo it yesterday, break the cycle now and get right back on the wagon (or, shall I say, the treadmill?)