Getting Bored of Broccoli?


How is this possible?   I’m kidding, of course… but the point is a valid
one.  What do you do when you’ve
steamed countless broccoli florets, sautéed bushels of spinach and chopped up a
kilo of carrots?


Think outside the box! 
Or crate, as it may be!


As simple as it sounds, try a new fruit or vegetable each
week.  You’ll likely find that the
produce manager in your local grocery shop is quite savvy with regard to what
each veg is, what is pairs well with and how you might want to prepare it.


Go for color! 
Of course, eat tons of leafy green veg, but also be open to that curious
looking item (the broccoli/cauliflower hybrid) or that beautiful piece of fruit
(the ubiquitous star fruit) or an old staple in a new shade- a golden beet!


  • If you
    wash, cut and steam enough veg to last you through a few days and leave
    them ready to eat in the fridge, you’re setting yourself up for endless


  • Grab
    that steamed broccoli and toss with olive oil, pepper, flax seed and some
    cherry tomatoes!


  • Pick
    on a steamed artichoke after you’ve drizzled it with lime and basil!


  • Toss
    the steamed cauliflower with some baby carrots, flax oil, a dash of sesame
    oil and a sprinkling of ginger.


  • Mix
    some sun-dried tomato in olive oil into some steamed kale or chard.


You get the idea- be creative and play around.  While you may come up with things you
love and things you don’t, at the very least, you’re unlikely to be bored!