Fall Breakfast On The Go- Pumpkin Smoothies

admit- I got this idea from a friend who showed up at our lunch date drinking a
milkshake from an ice cream shoppe!  
Many creameries debut seasonal flavors in addition to their normal menu-
and this place had added pumpkin ice cream to their list of offerings.

I’m not suggesting you start your day with a hefty dose of acid-forming dairy
and processed sugar! 

here is a modification of a smoothie recipe I printed a while ago, using
canned, organic pumpkin (be sure to buy plain pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie mix- a
mistake easily made if one shops in a hurry!).  

pumpkin is readily available without any added sodium, so feel at ease using
it.  Of course, fresh, stewed
pumpkin would be perfect here as well.


brewed decaf green tea- chilled (unsweetened)

cup pumpkin

scoop Egg White Protein Powder (be sure to use a brand that is JUST protein
powder; not one with any artificial ingredients or added sugars etc.)

1 T
raw almond butter

freshly ground flax seed

throw in a couple of ice cubes more a more frothy texture).


all ingredients in the blender and sprinkle cinnamon & nutmeg on top- a
balanced way to start your day, in keeping with the flavorings of autumn!