Ladies, Get Your Fabulousness On: September Cook / Eat / Thrive Workshop!

Summer’s coming to a close and the kids are nearly settled back into school, which means that quite possibly, by the end of September, you’ll finally have a moment for yourself! Have you been eating well, exercising but still feeling like you’ve got those extra 8 pounds hanging on?  Or maybe you’d prefer not to feel like you need a second (or third) coffee every day at 3pm? Well, guess what? You’re not alone. Join me for my September Women’s Workshop and learn hands-on, alongside other women who have the same exact challenges as well as similar goals and objectives, what some of the minor tweaks you may need to make might be, as well as how to practically apply them to your busy day to day routines. Thursday, September 29, 2016 9 am – 3pm Private residence; Pacific Palisades After all, we can all read a recipe online, peruse the latest and greatest diet plan or mind over matter our way to that spin class we’re really not enjoying that much anymore but where does that lead us? More often than not, right back where we started. With the best of intentions, going back to the ‘same old’ rarely proves successful. If you’re ready for a complete revamp, join me for my women’s workshop, and walk away feeling educated, empowered and encouraged, with practical eating strategies, great recipes for your entire family, new found friends who share common goals and objectives and an overall rejuvenation. Learn how small changes in your current regime can facilitate maintaining your energy throughout the day, improving mental focus and losing those last few stubborn pounds. What better time than now to get focused on what the missing links can be between all the hard work you’re already putting in and the ideal results you’ve set your heart on? You’ll receive food journal and Q&A to complete prior to workshop in order to provide me with some background info on everyone, allowing me to create a custom experience for your needs. Sign up now; space is limited! Bring a friend and get a special offer!! Guests who have joined before are encouraged to return; build your momentum, keep the accountability and enjoy fresh, new recipes each month! I look forward to meeting you soon. Stop settling for so-so. Why not go for fabulous? **No refunds