Book Recommendation: The Paleo Diet for Athletes. It’s Time.

The Paleo Diet for Athletes, a book I read nearly a decade ago, was the most valuable sports nutrition book I’ve ever come across. Back then, I was new to Paleo, but had been racing Ironman for about four years and was sick and tired of, well, being sick and tired. With Kona behind us, many triathletes going into off season now have the opportunity to test the waters with a new type of eating regime. The revised edition, which came out in 2012, is something you’ve simply got to check out if you’re an athlete, if you’re Paleo or if you simply want some ideas for how to tailor your eating regime around your exercise routine. Click here to order your copy today! And once you’ve read your new book, if you feel you need some help, you can book your consult today online, or, better yet, stop by the new studio in Los Angeles and do it in person!