Can I Eat Anything I Want From The Whole Foods Salad Bar?

Staying Paleo at the salad bar is not all that hard.  

If you've been Paleo for a while, you're already familiar with some of the hidden culprits you might encounter. in addition to those more obvious, like grain-based salads or pasta!

-DON'T Fool yourself that just because you're at Whole Foods- anything is fair game.  Some WF salad bars have dessert sections- so yes, while their brownie may be 'healthier' than a brownie sundae at some fast food joint, IT IS STILL A BROWNIE- so skip it!

– As a reminder, always be sure to read ingredient labels for the items in the salad bar which fall under the prepared food category.  If there is not one on display, ask!

-Be sure to avoid dishes cooked with soy, wheat or dairy in their sauces.  This might be a less obvious ingredient, but something you'll want to avoid nonetheless.

-Focus on fresh, raw veg- load on on spinach, kale, broccoli… these are items you needn't worry about overdoing- the only negative is that you have to take some home to eat later because of the volume!

-Also focus on lean, healthfully prepared proteins- grilled chicken, steamed fish… NOT the chicken-mediterranean-salad with heaps of feta cheese or the tuna salad with a mysterious cream sauce.

-Sauteed veggies, in olive oil, are also a great choice.  Do be aware, however, that the sauteed veg will already have oil; just something to keep in mind so that when you go to add more olive oil to the salad at the end, you don't end up with a soggy, oily mess!

-Add some freshly cut fruit to top it off, and perhaps some raw walnuts if they are available (NOT the candied pecans, full of sugar and butter!).

Think color, fresh, and balance, and you'll easily create a healthy salad to go that can still  be completely Paleo!