Finally… A No-Grain “Granola” That’s Really Paleo!

I receive a lot of requests to sample and then endorse different foods, books and other products, some of which claim to be Paleo but are not.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a sample of a no-grain ‘granola’ that actually was not only Paleo, but it tasted fantastic!

Using only Organic Coconut, Almonds, Prunes (unsweetened, unsulfured), Carrots, Himalayan Sea Salt (remember that adding salt to the Paleo endurance athlete’s diet is a good thing!), the Primal Paleo Concepts brand has created an unsweetened granola that would be perfect as a post long workout alternative.

I’m  happy to add this product to my list of recommended products and to announce the special offer to visitors from my site to theirs: Paleoista friends will receive 10% off all orders, coupon code “paleoista”

Click  HERE to learn more!