“TOP FIVE FOODS” to Ease PMS? Doubtful…

A regular blog reader & client sent me a link to an e-newsletter she'd received from her OBGYN, with the feature of this month being 'The Top Five Foods' to help ease PMS Symptoms.

According to her doc, who writes the newsletter, they are:

  1. Yogurt suggested to help alleviate the bloating symptom (um, isn't the dairy fermenting in the belly going to worsen that?)
  2. Fish I have NO problem with this one, as long as it's wild!
  3. Beans, in general And these are going to help with the bloating?
  4. Chickpeas (apparently these stand out from other beans(?)
  5. Rice  Really?

The doc references the last three foods above as being helpful in 'regulating serotonin', but I'd like to challenge that and suggest that rather, the last three will:

  • help you feel more bloated
  • help your body reach a more acidic pH
  • contribute to intestinal permeability
  • prevent you from properly absorbing nutrients from whatever else you're eating
  • create peaks and valleys of your blood sugar level and subsequent insulin response, which will help you hold on to excess weight and make you feel sluggish

Hmmm… I think I'll pass on those suggestions, but that's just me.  A cup of herbal ginger tea and a hot bath sound much more welcoming!