Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

n and of itself, that is!

So unfortunate that we all (myself included) had to experience the nightmare of the low-fat craze of the early 90's!  

Yes, I, too, was a believer in the school of thought that we should eat a healthy, LOW FAT (I'm talking ridiculous numbers now) diet.   Those were the days of going to the gym each night for countless hours on the Stairmaster, followed by a few rounds on the Nautilius, after my after high-school job; when we were told as a society that Entenmann's Fat-Free Baked Goods and SnackWells Cookies were great choices!   YIKES!!

Why bring this up?  Because many, many people are still frightened to eat fat after having gone through this.

The #PaleoDiet is NOT a high fat diet, but it does have more fat than what the ADA recommends.  For those of you who are on the same page as me here, we already know that what the ADA recommends is not exactly advice any of us die-hard Paleo devotees would be bothered by; however for millions of Americans who'd like to believe what they're being told by an official organization (and yes, wouldn't that be nice?0, there's a real danger here.

I'm not using that word lightly- danger in the sense that if people continue to stock up on 'fat free', they may not realize it's at the expense of increased processed/refined carbohydrates!

Solution?   EAT FOOD.  Once again, it's simple.

EAT HEALTHY FATS, like fish oil, olive oil and avocados, in conjunction with fresh fruits and veggies, and organic, free range or wild poultry, fish, meat…. and you'll not only feel more energized, you'll see that the excess pounds are becoming less in number as you get closer to being the leanest you yet!