Paleoista Holiday Tip # 20: Keep the Sweets Paleo

One of the things about Paleo that I truly believe to be a deal-maker with clients is the fact that you can eat treats on special occasions.  I can’t think of many occasions that are more celebratory than the holidays, so that, in my opinion, warrants a few dessert options.

There are certainly many to choose from and as much as I love a decadent raw chocolate concoction now and then, there’s no reason to focus on one of the more straight forward options- fruit!

While fresh fruit on its own, in season and when locally available is quite a fine option, sometimes it’s nice to serve something warm and cozy when it’s so cold outside.

As such, I’ll be peppering in some fruit-based recipes as I continue along with my Holiday Tip blog posts, so be sure to follow along on twitter and/or like Paleoista on Facebook to check for the latest sweet creations, in addition to the daily blog topics.

Click here for my Paleo Poached Pears recipe!