Blood Sugar Crash? DON’T GO SWEET!

Hopefully, if you've been following The Paleo Diet properly, you're preparing your food, brining it with you to work or school and aren't leaving yourself in situations that would set you up for that old, afternoon blood sugar crash that you USED to get pre-Paleo.

Back then, you might've made it an everyday trip to head to the coffee shop and grab a mocha with caffeine & sugar through the roof, along with a  piece of cake (or perhaps you used to try and fool yourself by calling it a 'low fat muffin') to 'boost your energy'.

Now that you're Paleo, though, that doesn't fly!

If you are in the odd situation where, for some reason, you're without food for too long and you feel that awful starry-eyed, dizzy feeling coming along, DON'T go for sweet- even if it is a piece of fruit- as this will only perpetuate the situation, prompting insulin to be released into the blood stream and leaving you set up for a peak, then a huge crash.

It's not too late, even if you are already TOO hungry.


Nip the insulin response in the bud by feeding your body a more favorable meal or snack, or whatever you choose to call it, like spinach and avocado rolled up in some thinly sliced turkey, chopped hard boiled eggs with olive oil and some leftover steamed broccoli or even, in a pinch, rinsed canned tuna with some raw nuts.

Your body will release glucagon into the blood, rather than insulin, which will promote even blood sugar levels and a more calm , focused state of mind; the antithesis of what would've happened if you'd gone for that milkshake and cookie!

"Be prepared" is not only a motto that The BoyScouts should follow!