Paleo Mistake # 7: Confusing the Approach to Snacking

The way I see it, a snack is a meal and a meal is a snack.  They should both consist of:

  • real food
  • balanced, Paleo macro nutrient ratio (which is roughly 40/30/30, in favor of unprocessed carbohydrate coming from loads of fresh veg, along with some fruit)
  • appropriate portion sizes

Why would eating three perfect Paleo meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then having something in a wrapper that was too low in calories to consist of a meal or imbalanced in its macro nutrient profile make any sense?    

Of course, some find that they prefer not to snack and eat three (or less) larger meals per day, and I’m a fan of trying different Paleo approaches and seeing what works best for you.

However, I will say that most clients (as well as me!) report feeling much higher, steady levels of energy, better results at losing and maintaing fat loss and feeling healthier overall when they follow the most balanced of all approaches.

Keep eating real food, keep it balanced, and keep it Paleo!