Addressing the Cause, Not The Symptoms, for Colds and Flu, Too!

The same principles of treating the cause, rather than the symptom when it comes to our overall health, taking the same approach to treating a common cold or a nasty round of the flu often serves to be the best method to returning to good health sooner than later.

Sure, it’s easy to reach for a pill that will stop that annoying runny nose, or swallow an artificially flavored cherry syrup that puts an end to constant coughing, but are those really helping us?

Not so much.

If your nose runs, it’s because your body has produced extra mucous to serve as a vehicle to carry out bacteria or other harmful invaders to your body.

And, if you’re coughing, same thing; your body is doing its best to get the bad guys out of your lungs.

So, in effect, while the over the counter cold remedies might seem like a good idea as a quick fix, in the long run, they’re not a permanent way to cope.

Sound familiar?

Yes, it’s just the same as a quick fix approach to eating, or other health issues, which only addresses symptoms but not causes.

If you have a cold or flu, you can add the following natural remedies, which will provide some relief without working against your body’s natural mechanisms to help you get back to your healthy state of being.

  • Add raw garlic. Powerful antioxidants prove a great form of defense for your body.
  • Reduce fruit just for the time being- sugar provides fuel for those nasty little invaders.
  • Add herbs and spices- turmeric, oregano and ginger all offer immune boosting benefits.
  • Drink  broth- pastured chicken or grass fed bone broth both have amazing healing properties.
  • Hydrate!  Stay on top of your water intake more so now than ever.
  • Sleep.  Don’t question the value of rest.  It’s really something we should do our best to not compromise on.

Ultimately, the bug will run its course, but if you arm your body to the best of your ability, naturally, you’ll come out of it ahead of the game and a lot more quickly than if you’d been popping pills!