FDA Looks at Safety of Artificial Food Colorings

"Should 'foods' like Jell-O, Lucky Charms and Lemonade carry warnings that the artificial colors may worsen behavior problems like hyperactivity in some children?", asks a piece in today's NY Times?



How unfortunate that we are living in a time such that the government has allowed people to feel they can rest assured that if a product is available for purchase from any mainstream grocery store to a convenience mart at the end of the road, then it must be safe!

It should be common sense that eating something that is fluorescent orange or neon green it probably not a good idea, but the FDA has created a scenario where, to many people, it is not.  

So, YES- put the warning labels on!   This is not a piece to say that the FDA needs to put an end to selling the products (although- wouldn't that be great?), just to inform the consumer.

Anecdotally, I know of several kids who've had significant improvement in their behavior and diagnosis of ADD when their parents cut out all the fake dyes.

Click HERE for the full piece.

And, by the way, if there was any question, fake dyes are NOT paleo… : )