Pre workout breakfast on vacation

When I go out of town, regardless of whether it’s for a race, vacation or business, having a place to run is a must!

If it’s just a short run, it’s no big deal to plan on eating breakfast afterward, but what if you’re in a build for a race and have a longer run planned?

If you’ve got to get out there early, before your hotel restaurant opens, here are some easy ways to make sure you’ll leave well fueled for your long run:

-the night before, grab a banana and (if your room has a fridge) some sliced lean turkey or hard boiled eggs to eat pre-run

-order extra yam the night before your run at dinner and save that in the fridge for a pre workout topper offer

-bring along some egg white protein powder to mix in with natural applesauce

-have a powergel

Be sure to bring your water bottles and also check out local running routes before you go so you won’t miss a beat with your training.

I just spent a lovely weekend out of town in Santa Barbara’s Wine Country where we had two lovely runs through amazing roads, farms, hills and mountains.

Running on vacation is a fantastic way to see new places, stay fit while away from home and to ensure your training schedule stays on track!