Chill Out With A Chilled Summer Soup

Summer soups can be a really quick and easy way to prep a starter to a meal, or even the main meal itself.

Feeling in the mood for some spice?  Think SALSA, and then some. Chop heirloom tomato, roasted red pepper, yellow onion, cilantro, garlic (or puree- depending on what texture you'd like) and finish off with a little fresh lime juice.  Spoon into bowls and top with grilled chicken, followed by minced cabbage for some crunch and finally, some avocado.

More in a mellow mind set?   Combine chilled, homemade chicken broth as your liquid base, with cucumber, mint, dill and a dollop of fresh coconut cream.  Puree til smooth, then serve chilled, finished with poached jumbo shrimp (Whole Foods sells the wild variety, FYI) and a sprinkling of diced, roasted fennel.

How about something a little more sweet and savory combined?  Puree fresh watermelon, then pour into small ramekins and place in the freezer to chill for about 15 minutes.  Thinly slice some leftover steak, and serve along side the watermelon puree, with some freshly ground pepper sprinkled on top.

If you don't feel like slaving over a hot stove when it's 90 degrees out, DON'T!