Paleo = Caveman? Or not…

After the recent article in the NY Times about Paleo living, it dawned on me one reason why some people might be put off from eating this way.  The idea of an all or nothing approach might potentially dissuade those who otherwise might be inclined to give it a try!

Certainly, I don't intent to take anything away from anyone who does enjoy living (as much as they can) a modern day Caveman life- getting all workouts outdoors without ever setting foot in a gym, eating raw beef or exclusively training barefoot, to name a few of some principles that people might include.  More power to you if you've found your individual way in which to be as healthy as you can by not just eating Paleo, but living it on a day to day basis as much as you can.

However, I do want to appeal to those who would like to eat a Paleo diet, but prefer to take the "Fred Flintstone' out of it!

If you, or someone you know, fall into this category, I encourage you to think outside the box a bit more and know that you can be 100% Paleo without literally having to store a side of wild bison, which you've; hunted yourself, in your own meat locker at home!

Give it a try- you'll only be healthier for it!