Paleo Promo…

We've all got people in our lives who we KNOW would benefit so much from following The Paleo Diet; our co-worker with the lingering stomach problems, our friend with the acne that won't go away or our elderly neighbor with debilitating joint pain.

We see people in passing that would fare far better as well… but how do we go about approaching the subject without being a Paleo Preacher?

It's challenging, no doubt, and ultimately, no one is going to try The Paleo Diet unless they personally want to.

However, you can always make one attempt, or maybe two, depending on how well you know someone, to share the knowledge about how cutting out grains can help clear that acne, how eliminating dairy can help relieve the constant nasal congestion and how forgoing legumes can reduce the GI distress.

Educating those close to you, or even not so close, on how to eat a better diet and follow a healthier lifestyle in order to get them to one step  nearer to their optimal health, is a priceless gift you can bestow upon someone.

What better time of year that now to practice giving than now?

Share the wealth, give Paleo!