Soy? Don’t do it!

With soy being so readily available, you may be eating it without even knowing you are doing so!  Used not only as a dairy alternative, you'll find soy protein in commercially available bars & shakes, in mock-meats, in sauces, even as a stabilizer in your Vitamin E tablets!  It's been promoted as a healthy food that one should eat regularly.   

Unfortunately, soy's just not that good for you!  It's actually quite toxic…

Just a couple of the negative impacts of eating soy:

-Being a legume, it contains phytic acid and contributes to vitamin malabsorption and leaky gut syndrome.  (Think 'anti- nutrient'!)
-The phyto (plant) estrogens can interfere with hormone balance, as well as contribute to certain cancers and thyroid dysfunction.

Think twice next time you reach for the soy milk, or give your kids a handful of edamame!  Instead, opt for water as your beverage of choice and give your kids 'GREENS, NOT BEANS"!