Paleo Running- Barefoot?

Yes, paleolithic man ran barefoot.

So, should we?

Before ditching your Nike Lunar Elites, consider the following to make a safe, intelligent transition to barefoot running if you're inclined to try it.

1) Don't go for your normal training run for your next marathon of 22 miles on the black top road, barefoot, your first time out.

2) If your intention is to mimic how paleolithic man ran, also pay attention to what surfaces you're on.  He ran on dirt and grass, NOT cement and asphalt.

3) Pay attention to what your normal gait feels like, and tune in.  If you're making the transition to barefoot due to past injuries, you may want to check in with a reputable biomechanist first so as to have an analysis done.

Most importantly, don't let anyone tell you NOT to run.  Or that it's bad for you.  Or that you're too old.   While this may  be going off topic ever so slightly, remember how fundamental and natural running is.

Yes, some humans are conditioned over the course of their lifetimes to forget how to run, but, rest-assured, it's what we're meant to be doing and it will come back if you let it!