Vegas in 24 for Breast Cancer

What are you doing to make a difference? Not just in your own life, but how are doing your part in being a part of something greater? I often write about topics particularly close to my heart: educating on the power of food as medicine, empowering people to take charge of their health based on how they’re eating and moving and speaking out against recommendations and advice that are not only inaccurate, but harmful. Today is no different, only instead of writing about something solely food-centric, I’m compelled to share a something with you, for which is it just as important to get the word out. It’s something, which is happening this weekend and I’m asking you to contribute to. This is not event not to raise breast cancer awareness, nor is it to fund a study about a new medication in need of approval. Rather, it’s a very unique experience created by a personal friend, which is just days away, whose sole focus is to help low-income women in need of breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment receive the medical care they deserve, at no cost. The event, Vegas in 24, conceptualized Andy Funk, benefits the Pink Lotus Foundation, (a nonprofit organization that enables low-income, uninsured and underinsured women in the United States to receive 100% free breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment services) is a grueling charity bicycle challenge scheduled to begin this weekend, on Aprll 23rd. It’s a 365-mile bike ride, starting in Los Angeles, ending in Las Vegas, and is covered nonstop on a bicycle in less than 24 hours. Andy himself will cover the 365 miles (and 14,500 feet of elevation gain, which is half way up Mt. Everest on a bike) with no outside support or assistance of any kind. A never before attempted challenge with a distance and time goal so tough, it leaves no margin for error. Rather than hosting a fundraising dinner, which would equate to a considerable portion of moneys donations having to be allocated to the costs of and event, Andy chose to put himself up for the challenge. Literally. He created what he calls a smart fundraiser, with minimal costs, yet a huge impact on those receiving care. Imagine donating to a cause where you could rest assured that 95-99% of the charitable contribution you made went right to those you wanted to help…directly! Did you know what average American women who happens to be in the low-income bracket, might experience when she receives a diagnosis of breast cancer. Rather than simply set up a charity to raise funds to create a better, safer option for these women, Andy is putting himself up to the challenge to raise awareness. And it’s not just a 365-mile ride It’s the over 10 lbs of added weight on his bike (when compared to a regular Ironman race) which he’ll carry all the way. It’s the almost 350 traffic lights, stop signs and rail crossings that will slow him down. And how about the temperature variance from 50 degrees all the way up to 90 degrees in the desert without being able to take any extra clothing? Andy will be doing all of this completely unsupported with no outside assistance whatsoever. This means he will have to stop at least 5 times to purchase water and food at local gas stations, mix his nutrition, fix any flat tires he may get, and then still ride fast enough to make it to Las Vegas in under 24 hours. He’s doing this to draw a parallel to the very tough road a low-income breast cancer patient travels down after diagnosis and without any assistance or safety net. For any of you athletes reading this; think about how difficult racing ironman, or an ultra run is. And that’s with volunteers or a crew to support you all the way! Now think about how it’d be if it were just you….and please make your donation to this very, very worthy cause. All donation proceeds raised from Vegas In 24 will benefit low income, uninsured and underinsured women in need of breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and support. Learn more this important cause!