Spring is in the Air…What a Great Time to Start Your Paleo Garden

I will candidly admit that I am far from a green thumb.  

It’s rather silly, actually, if you think about it.  As much as I love cooking, entertaining and coming up with new recipes, you’d think I’d have a huge garden with rows of kale, at the very least!

Alas, I do not.

But that’s about to change.  I’m starting small with only a few simple, easy to care for plants and pending the success of that, perhaps next year I’ll go for something more elaborate.

The point is, it’s never too late to begin.

And, at this time of year when we’re almost into spring, it’s the perfect time to start planning.  Whether you’re in a tiny apartment and thinking of growing some delicate herbs in a window box for the cooking you’ll do for your own solo dining, or you’ve got a family of five that are all keen to help with the job, do a little research now, find out what grows naturally in your area, and when, and get started!

Chat to your local nurseries, search online or take the old-school route and borrow some horticulture books from the library.

If it is a family affair, what a great learning experience to share with your kids to allow them to grow their own Paleo friendly veggies, fruits and herbs!   Perhaps you can even consider speaking to the kids’ teachers and inquiring about a school garden, too.

It all starts with small steps!