Staying Fit on Vacation

Did you finally decide to hop on your scale, or into your favorite jeans, after returning from your Christmas Holiday, only to find that you've gained some unwanted pounds?

It doesn't have to be that way- and you don't need to deprive yourself from enjoying all a vacation has to offer!

How do you do it?


Here are a few suggestions:

-So many hotels offer fitness rooms these days, and if you can get up before you start your day's adventures and get in even a 30 – 45 minute session on your cardio equipment of choice, you'll help offset extra calories you might consume during the day.
-Perhaps you're going to a beach locale- get in an early morning walk, jog or run along the beach!
-Explore the town you're visiting on foot, rather than taking cabs or other transportations services.
-If you have an activity you go regularly at home, like yoga or Master's Swimming, check ahead and see if you can find availability in the place you're going to travel to.

You may find that you not only don't gain weight, but perhaps you may come home even a bit lighter!

Happy travels!