Strength Training and Paleo


I love how I feel on Paleo, but am wondering what kinds of training I can do to supplement my running.  I tried two Cross Fit workouts, and they weren’t my thing; what do you recommend?  I’m bored of lifting weights!

Anna, Louisville

I hear you, girlfriend!  

For years, I lifted weights and did circuit training on the Nautilus Machines (as you can tell, I’m clearly not afraid of dating myself) along with The Stairmaster 4000 PT (remember those days?).  I, too, got bored of the same old, same old.  

I’m not a CrossFitter myself, so I completely get what you’re saying; although I have several clients and friends who love it!   It, like every single other form of exercise is not for everyone.  

I started incorporating TRX training along with Pilates into my own regime and find both offer strength (with lots of core), flexibility and versatility.  I’d suggest checking those two options out and see if they don’t give you exactly what you’re looking for!  

And, if you come to LA, you can contact me for a TRX session, too!