On The First Day of Christmas…

Yes, I know that’s not until tomorrow, when December 1st descends upon us, but I’m getting a head start.

In years past, I’ve done a daily holiday tip to help you stay on track with your Paleo eating, exercising and lifestyle in general.  Stay tuned for more this year and feel free to send me your own holiday tips as well as any questions, comments or suggestions you’d like to contribute that you’ve come up with on your own!

Why not start today simply by scheduling a short block of time to sit down with a nice cup of tea and review all the potential parties, gatherings and work dinners that you feel might be just the place that you’ve slipped up in years past, and make a plan to approach them differently this year?

Not having a plan doesn’t usually end in the best result; you’ve probably tried that before and you know where that ended up!

Whether it’s simply choosing which events you’re going to splurge and have a glass of wine, making sure to eat in advance of that one colleague’s holiday party who always serves plenty of cocktails but no food or getting up even thirty minutes early to fit in some good sweat – time, being prepared can be the easiest way to keep on track while still enjoying the holiday festivities!