Airline Chicken? What on Earth?

Let’s face it; the word “airline” before a food does not exactly conjure up the best connotation of a place where one procures a delicious for the most part.

Don’t worry, though, if you see this as an option the next time you’re out to dinner and wonder whether or not it’s a good Paleo option as it very well may be;  airline chicken simply refers to a boneless chicken breast with the drumette attached with skin on breast with 1st wing joint and tenderloin attached, otherwise boneless.

The first time I came across this offering I was sure I’d misread the chalkboard at the little cafe I’d happened upon.   It sounded awful, but also intriguing and retrospectively I’m quite glad I took the time to investigate further as it’s just one more ‘cut’ of poultry amongst many that we have at our fingertips in the Paleosphere.

Stick with free range & foraging, then use try it out in your favorite chicken recipes.

Click here for one of mine!