A Paleo, Post Workout Fruity Treat!

Dried fruit after a workout is not only delicious, it's a great idea!   Raisins, for example, are one of the most alkaline things we can put into our bodies, which helps return our pH to the desired basic range, as it tends to become acidic during long bouts of training.

A few caveats-

1) This is NOT a suggestion for a snack to be eaten while sitting at one's desk

2) Nor is it a good snack for anyone with diabetes or blood sugar concerns

3) Finally, this is NOT a suggested recovery 'meal' for after a long bout of endurance training.  For that- stick with HOMEBREW as per the #PaleoDiet for Athletes.

If you've just done a short workout- for example a one hour easy recovery run, or perhaps a 45 minute spin, try this:

Before you do your workout, brew a cup of your favorite herbal tea for a few minutes.  Remove the tea bag and add a couple of natural (as in- NO SUGAR or sulfites etc… added) pieces of dried fruit.  My favourite is dried figs.   (A small dried fig has roughly 25 calories, so you can see why it wouldn't be nearly enough to serve as recovery for a long training session.)   Let the dried fruit sit in the warm cup of tea while you workout for your 45 – 60 session and then enjoy it as soon as you get back.  Shortly thereafter, make the progression back to normal paleo eating.   It's a tasty, healthy treat!