Got Underripe Fruit? Bananas to the Rescue!

You’ve found the most amazing recipe for an avocado-peach salsa, and you found plenty of both fruits but the peaches were hard as a rock! What to do?  Rethink the entire plan for dinner? Not at all! Just grab a few bananas and once you get home, place them side by side inside of a paper bag. Bananas naturally emit ethylene, which expedites ripening. Of course, large warehouses and distributors of  fruits sometimes follow suit with the same concept, but in an unnatural way,  by spraying hard, green, sour, unripened fruits with ethylene gas.  Not quite the same, but I’m sure it’s oh-so-cost effective for them. Unless you’re trying to ripe mass quantities of  fruit (not that this case would make the above a good idea, anyway), you should be fine simply by buying a banana. Natural, easy and you’ll get to make that fantastic salsa recipe before you know it!