Oxidizing Egg Yolks- Are Scrambled Eggs A Bad Idea?

A client asked me the other day whether it was dangerous to scramble egg yolks, after we'd established the fact that eating WHOLE eggs is, indeed, a healthy part of The Paleo Diet. 


I had to reply to her in all honesty that I'd never been asked this before, nor did I have an answer ready for her!

An online search revealed a few different opinions, of course: 

" It is not pasteurization or cooking (scrambled eggs are fine) that causes oxidation, but the spray drying egg yolks when they are forced through a very tiny hole at high temperature and pressure to make powdered eggs"

" Scrambling eggs causes the cholesterol to be oxidized"

"When cooking an egg, the cholesterol in the yolk is altered when simultaneously heated and exposed to air. Therefore, eggs should be cooked without breaking the yolks like poaching or boiling over easy instead of scrambling or making into omelets."

Inconclusive!  Any readers out there who are food scientists, or happen to be savvy on all-things-egg?

I welcome your post so I can not only share your info with my readers, but take advantage of this opportunity to learn something new for myself, too!