Shoba’s Home for Girls & Women: A Silent Auction for a Very Worthy Cause

I first learned about Shoba, NYC’s ‘Best Brow’ from a trusted friend who also happens to be a very talented make-up artist. Great service, great brows, and I highly recommend checking them out. So what on earth has this got to do with Paleo? Shoba is not only a brow salon, they’re also quite involved in a very worthy charitable cause, their Home for Women and Girls. As their website tells us, since opening the first Shobha Salon in 2001, they’ve have been committed to furthering the lives of south asian women & children:

  • They have sponsored the college education of ten women (through sarada kalayan bhandar) & have contributed to school-on-wheels (which converts old buses into mobile classrooms in mumbai & pune for street children), offering them an alternative to begging & teaching them that education is their way out of poverty.
  • Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women supports 60 girls & young women that range from pre-school to college age.
  • The home is run by two retired professors who value education & are making sure that the orphans are cared for & are able to attend school.
  • Programs provided at the orphanage include room & board, free english education for girls, rehabilitation of women at dr. lakshmi ganga sway am sakthi and women are given support & taught a trade in which they can make a living

And what this has to do with Paleo is that one of the items in their silent auction includes  a Paleoista Consult. Make your bid on anything you fancy, or simply click to donate to this very worthwhile cause to help support women and girls and to give them a chance at a healthy, safe, productive life.