Avoiding Autumn & Winter Weight Gain

If you find yourself packing on the pounds every winter, due to the plethora of reasons people give, including some of the following for just a few examples:

-'It's too dark to workout before or after work"

-"I get the winter blahs and don't feel energized to train"

-"With the holidays around the corner, what the heck, I may as well just start eating whatever I want now"


You don't HAVE to gain any weight at all during this time of year.   All you need is a plan.  Assess what caused you to gain weight in the past, and make an alternative plan to avoid the same negative spiral.   Join a new fitness class NOW.   Make plans with friends to walk every morning together before work NOW.   Clear out any foods that are not part of the #PaleoDiet NOW from your kitchen.

If you can set these good habits in place now, by the time the holidays roll around, it will be that much easier to turn down the candy at the office and the apple pie and egg nog at the holiday party.

When New Year's rolls around, you'll finally be able to set a different goal, other than the same old 'this year I will lose X pounds'.

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Doesn't get much easier than that!