Be Active, and Get Your Kids Moving TOO!

I just HAD to use this pic that was sent to me my one of my friends.  He & his wife (both clients, actually) and I would joke about how they did NOT love to do the plank exercise (for those of you who are unfamiliar, it's one of many core training activities that one does!).   

One day, after we'd been working together for a few months, they let it slip that they'd had a plank-off (as in- who can hold plank the longest) at their Thanksgiving Dinner.

And now, lo and behold… the topper of all…




Take home message- if you're active, and eat a healthy, Paleo diet, your kids will easily adapt on to it, as that's all they'll know!  What a gift to teach them to move and eat real food instead of sticking them in front of the telly and feeding them sugary cereals or frozen meals; it's the gift of a lifetime of health!