Get On Your (Bike) Trainer!

No matter how pressed for time you may be, you NEED to find time to MOVE!  One incredibly simple way to implement this idea is by using a bike trainer.

(I won't use myself as an example because I realize my schedule is (fortunately) quite conducive to getting in my training; rather, I'm going to use my friend, Samantha, as an example.)

She is a single mom of THREE, making it work with no help from the ex (or anyone, for that matter), and still finds time to get in her early AM run, or spin in the dark, early hours of the AM on the bike trainer.

While I love my Computrainer, I do acknowledge that it may be out of price range for some reader.  No matter; there are several other brands you can purchase, park in your home office, or, if you need to, in front of your TV, and throw your bike on it!  No bike?  If you're only going to use it for the trainer, you can easily find a used, entry level bike online (again- if it's only going to be indoors, no need to worry about your components!).

Even if you're someone who hasn't ridden since you were on your pink Huffy as a little kid, now's a great time of year to pick up this healthy habit.  Safe (since you're in your own home), reliable (no fear that bad weather will stop you from getting your workout in, or to the gym!) and even- dare I say- enjoyable!

Just one more way to get a head start on staying lean, keeping the balance of exercising and eating according to the #PaleoDiet, and avoiding that winter weight gain, once and for all!

Who knows, you may find yourself liking it so much that you sign up for your first sprint triathlon next spring!