Got A Body? MOVE IT!

A couple of weeks ago, I was waiting for my husband at the finish line of a marathon he was doing, which I wasn't partaking in.  At the same time, there was a kids 'dash' and a 1/2 marathon.  Shortly before Chris (hubbie) sped through the finish tape, two 1/2 marathoners caught my attention as they came across the line.

Two gentlemen, probably in their mid-70s (?), came across, holding hands.  One was blind.  Apparently these two buddies do the Catalina 1/2 every year.   How beautiful is that?

That exact scenario is what motivated me, 9 YEARS ago, to begin competing in Ironman, when I previously had set my limits on sprint distance.   I was watching a friend race at what used to be a full distance IM California.  Of course, it's amazing to watch the elite athletes in action, their bodies moving like fluid works of art, everything seamless.  However, seeing athletes cross the finish line with one leg, no legs, blind, dying of AIDS, stricken with Cancer….THAT put me in check and I asked myself, "What is your deal?  You're 26 and you're completely able bodied.  You like triathlon.  WHY do you think you can't do this?".

Complete turning point.

Please keep in mind, I'm not writing this to send a message that everyone should do Ironman.  Rather, here's the point:

Over the years, I've had clients who've made it fit into the most vigorous of schedules:

-A 50 yr old exec, CEO of his company, husband, father of four (whom he coached in various sports) and Ironman Triathlete.

-A mom of three, (including twins) who was also the CEO of her company, as well as a wife.

-A single mom of one, who held three jobs and ran sub 3:00 marathons.

Simultaneously, I've run into people who tell me they 'can't' workout because:

-Despite having a nanny for their only child and only working part time while the significant other continues to work full time, doesn't have time to train.

-No kids, no pets, no husband, but their long hours at work = 'no time to work out'

Look- put it this way- every time you DON'T workout, think about all the people who you know, or people you don't know but are out there nonetheless, who would give anything to be able to walk again, to be able to run again, to be able to ride a bike… whatever the case may be, but physically cannot, or can do so, but in a modified fashion.

I say this candidly, every day I thank the Universe for the fact that I have an able body that allows me to move, and I use it!  I move, must move.., humans are animals and we are made to move.  To quote a book I'm reading, "BORN TO RUN", how can it feasibly be that humans are the only mammals on Earth who 'shouldn't' run?


SO- whatever you want to do, run, swim, bike, play basketball, soccer, tennis, hula-hoop- WHO CARES- JUST MOVE, JUST MOVE JUST MOVE!

Can you tell I'm just slightly passionate about this?