Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Get Moving and Get Inspired

Something I blog about quite a bit is how important it is to move your body.   And, given that it’s oh so easy to fall off track at this time of year, I felt it fitting to post a little reminder today, after just returning from watching my husband race at CIM (Cal International Marathon). Since I raced NYC last month and he assumed the role of sherpa duty, today it was my turn and it was another great outcome- not just for him, but something even greater: the beauty and simplicity of people coming together to do something we’re all meant to do:  run, or at least move! And to the point of the latter, I refer to the photo above.  I snapped this shot as a wheelchair athlete passed by as I was waiting for Chris at the half marathon point. Who knows his story, or what he went through or what his challenges were, but he was out there. So remember that, and when it seems like it’s ‘too hard to fit in that run’ or ‘you don’t have time to hit that spin class’, please take one sec to think about how lucky we are to have the ability to choose to move. And pay that forward as a holiday gift!