Another Way to Reinvent Leftovers- Turn Them into an Amuse Bouche!

Since you only need one bite to make an amuse bouche, if you have just a little bit of leftover (anything) you can turn them into a lovely little bite as the first indication of the delicious Paleo meal to follow!


Here is one I served at a dinner party last night- using leftover grass fed tri tip as the star of this one-bite show.

Arugula, tri-tip, pineapple salsa, lime and papaya, finished with a little dusting of Chili del Valle.  The idea is to use the leaf as a wrap, and roll it up into one little bite.

Keep in mind, this literally is ONE BITE, so be sure and make that one morsel pack a punch of a nice balance of flavor, texture and color.

Then, onto the starter!