Top Ten Paleo Foods To Have In Your Kitchen!

This is NOT a list of the the top ten most healthy Paleo foods, or the ones with the most protein, or the ones that caveman most likely ate.

Rather, this is just a list of ten foods that you might want to have ready to eat, stocked in your kitchen, pantry & fridge, so that you're never 'out of food' and can always quickly grab something healthy in a pinch.

Many of my clients who are successfully following The Paleo Diet, mention that on occasion, they run out of food, or find themselves munching on non-Paleo items that their roommate, or spouse has in house.


Be prepared and stay on track. 

It really doesn't take that much time!

Have these on hand, as a guideline (or pick your own favorites, you'll get the hang of it!


Steamed Broccoli

Raw Walnuts

Hard Boiled Eggs

Sliced Roast Turkey Breast (Grill or Roast a turkey & use up the leftovers over the course of the next several days, as an example)

Fresh berries

Spinach Leaves

Raw Kale Salad (use my recipe from the blog!) 

Whole flaxseed (grind right before using)


Follow this as a starter; remember- this is only an attempt to guide you to be prepared and have some healthy options to snack on; I'm NOT advising that you ONLY eat the foods listed above, not by a long shot!

Now, get thee to the farmer's marker or grocery store!