Let’s Be Reasonable…

Why are so many of the articles we read, gadgets we buy and apparatus (for lack of a better way to categorize ‘slimming’ garments) we wear aimed at the very bare minimum?

Statistics, if that’s what they are, or perhaps I should call them ‘tips’, that tell us things like, “people who watch horror films can burn 113 calories in 90 minutes” and “cycling for six minutes can help boost memory”, frighten me.   Do we really need a reason to get our butts off the couch for six minutes?

Why not just stay parked on the couch and instead of moving and eating well to create a healthy, lean body, when you can just buy a ‘slimming garment’ which will ‘hide all the flaws’ and allow you to dress in one or two sizes smaller of your clothing of choice?

And who are we relying on in the first place to give us this valuable information?  If physicians, like the one I referred to in yesterday’s post, are distributing antiquated advice and they’re supposed to be the professionals yet they’re not even right, how are we expecting anything reasonable or valid when we turn to health-advice columns written by actors or nutrition tips from a reality TV stars (the latest of which gave her favorite recipe for a homemade version of ‘soda’ using sugar syrup, aspartame and club soda).

Look.  It’s simple.  There is no such thing as a healthy, sustainable quick fix, nor is there any magic food that will make you lose weight or a pill that will give you gorgeous skin if you’re rotting on the inside.

If you are obese, or have other serious health issues, think about how long it took to get where you are, then work backwards for a reasonable timeline to allow your body to get healthy via a lifelong commitment to Paleo living and moving.

You didn’t gain 50 pounds in two weeks, so why you think you should lose it in such a short time?

Small, steady, baby steps even, is the way to go.   If something doesn’t make sense that you read in a magazine or see online, trust your gut and don’t believe it.

Just be real; eat real, and move for a good amount each day.  That’s all.