More on Thickeners- You CAN’T Get a Much More Paleo THICKENER Than BONES!

Think about it.

When you make a turkey soup, have some and put the rest in the fridge, you'll see a gelatinous formation on the top of it.  That's the collagen that comes from the bones when cooked for a long time.


Thick and goupy, it's not very appealing to eat in that state, but for those of you who wonder about how to replace flour and other 'thickeners' (if you still want to thicken, even after reading my 'why do you need to thicken' post, that is!  :), you may want to consider this.

It's no different than using powedere gelatin, except for the very minor detail that it's not gone through nearly as much processing and you know exactly what's in it.

ANY meat or poultry or even fish can render gelatin for you, so give it a try and use that, the very same goup you scraped off your turkey soup as your 'thickner!'