Happy New Year; Here’s To Your Healthiest Year Yet!

I woke up giddy for all this year has in store and I’ve got so much to share with you! I’ve hinted here and there at some of the things I’ve been working on and over the next few weeks, you’ll be privvy to a lot of new and exicitng things that Paleoista as a brand brings to the table this year, beginning in January. First and foremost and without further ado…Pocket Paleo, the book series, is availble now for pre-order and it’s yours to read, effective Monday.   Three ebooks, all about what to keep while keeping completely Paleo for Breakfast, Snacks, and Workout  are all available for all tablets.  Buy them now and get ready to read them in just four days! I geared the books, each of which have 50 recipes, toward the eating situations that I’ve found over the years working with clients prove to be the most challenging: for breakfast, for snacks and around the time of a workout. People get what to eat for lunch and dinner as in this day and age, a piece of wild slamon on a salad for lunch or a rare filet mgnon with a side of garlic spinach for dinner are two meals that most people would deem as being healhty options. Where it gets confusing for many, however, is in the realm of eating that has traditionally been inundated with grains and dairy (breakfast), refined, processed pacakged items (snacks) and a host of foodtuff under the broad heading of ‘sports nutrition’ that encompasses anything from archaic recommendations to eat heaps of pasta the night before a run to adding tablets bound togerher with sorbitol (which acts as a binding agent, obviously…and is also clinically used as a laxative) to endless amounts of concoctions made with whey, soy, maltodextrin and good old fashioned, chocolate milk. (Not kidding). I wrote these three books to provide some insight and ideas to create easy to follow and even easier to prepare recipes fitting all of the above. Don’t have a kindle?  They’re on iTunes, too!  Pocket Paleo Breakfast, Snack and Workout are yours for the taking for your iPad as well. Hint, hint: January is going to be full of surprises, giveaways, promos and more interesting debuts so stay tuned and spread the word! Now off for your first bout of exercise of the New Year, followed by a healthy Paleoista style breakfast.  Pastured eggs over easy with garlic spinach, anyone? Enjoy the day and may it be the start of your best and healthiest year yet!